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Anchorman V (five) charter boat

Latest News:


She is slightly different in design compared to Anchorman 4, which includes a bright yellow hull and roof and will also have a different wheelhouse design with a roofed and benched seating area allowing for a more comfortable journey experience between fishing marks.

There is still be a toilet which will be located to the left hand side of the wheelhouse as you look from the back.

The big storage box as was on Anchorman 4 is gone allowing for a bigger deck space, there is of course be a stainless bait table here instead.

She is powered by two brand spanking new 280hp Iveco engines.

Here are some pictures during the build;

Anchorman V Fishing Boat during construction

Anchorman V Fishing Boat during construction

Anchorman V Fishing Boat during construction


Similiar to Anchorman 4, with its 33ft length, 16ft beam and catarmaran hull, she is one of the biggest and most comfortable charter boats in South Wales with massive deck space, more than capable of accommodating 12 Anglers and has been fitted out with safety as a top priority.

With twin 285hp engines she should be well capable of cruising at 20 knots with max speeds of up to 30 knots.


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